Frequently Asked Questions

Teams/Player Questions

Q - I wish to play in the League, who do I contact ?

A – Please Contact League Secretary for both individual players and New Team Enquiries at

Q – How many players can you register with your team ?

A - A team may only register/affiliate 20 players in any one season this includes second affiliations. If a registered player becomes pregnant that person can be replaced by another after her 12th week of pregnancy she cannot be de-affiliated from England Netball. The League Secretary must be informed of this alteration.

If a registered player receives a serious illness or injury a letter should be sent to the Chairperson to enquiry if they can be replaced by another.

All teams wishing to 1st or 2nd affiliate a player must make sure this is done before they play within the Grimsby League and also registered with GDSNL Secretary.

Q - Can a player play without being an England Netball Member ?

A – A player can guest 3 times in total in an affiliated year, then she must be a member of England Netball. You must Register your Guest Player with GDSNL Affiliations Secretary each time she guests before 6.30pm on the night your are playing. Any player who is not an EN Member, plays at their own risk and GDSNL does not take any responsibility for injury.

Q – I no longer wish to play with my existing team, can I join a different team ?

A - A player may only move teams at the end of the first half of the winter season and at the end of the winter season/summer season - unless the Affiliations Secretary receives written mutual consent from player and team she is leaving.

Q – What age do you have to be to join the League ?

A - School girls who are in Year 11 are able to participate in the GDSNL, in addition each team may include a maximum of 2 year 10's. When registering players from year 10 dates of birth must be given to both the League Secretary and League Safeguarding Officer. Clarification of Year 10 is School year beginning September (if you are going to reach 15 from term time 1st September to 31st August of said year). The England Netball Child Protection Policy Statement (See England Netball website) will be followed by the League.

Q - How do you become a member as a player or Team?

A - There are two elements to be able to play in GDSNL. All players/Teams must be registered to England Netball - Please follow the Link to their website.

Then a registration form must be completed and sent to - forms can be obtained under GDSNL Forms

Games/Umpiring Questions

Q – Is coaching allowed ?

A – Yes, Coaching is allowed, but only from a designated area. i.e. a coach cannot run along with the game giving direction.

Q – If you are a club, can we swap players around ?

A - Each team must have 5 players to commence play (no players may be borrowed) with the exception of "Clubs" who can play a player from their second team on two occasions but on the third occasion the player must transfer to the higher team. No player from a higher division club side may play in a lower division. A "Club" player may play only one game per match night.

Q – My Match was cancelled due to inclement weather, will it be replayed ?

A - 7.00 p.m. games maybe subject to cancellation due to weather conditions unless the Oasis Wintringham has already cancelled for severe weather. If the whole nights play is cancelled teams will be texted as soon as possible, the cancellation will also go on the GDSNL Facebook page. In this event all the evening's games will be replayed and new dates will be set by the Fixtures Secretary.

If at any time during the evening the weather becomes inclement play may be suspended. If the first game has taken place and finished and then the rest of the night is cancelled due to bad weather unfinished games will be replayed later in the season as far as possible and the results of games already completed will stand. If you have played court fees will be charged. If a team had cancelled their game that result would stand.

If at any time during a game Lightning is experienced all teams must stop play and take shelter.

Q - How do I pay our Team court fees?

A - Team Court fees are sent by Bank Transfer to the GDSNL Treasurer - for bank details please email

Q – How do I get a new rule book ?

A – Please contact the Secretary at cost is approximately £6 or you can download the Rules of Netball for your smartphone

Q – I want to learn how to Umpire, what do I do ?

A – Please contact any the Umpiring Secretary for current Course Dates and details. You can also visit the Officiating Page for the England Netball full pathway and check GDSNL -Events Page.

Please note: If you have question that you would like to request, you can ask it via our contact us page via this link. Ask a Question