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Grimsby & District Senior Netball League

Welcome to the website of the Grimsby & District Senior Netball League.


This site is the home of Grimsby Netball and you can look at all the up and coming news, fixtures and results.

The Grimsby and District Senior Netball League is a well established ladies league which has been running for over 40 years. It is held on a Monday and Tuesday evening at Oasis Wintringham, Weelsby Avenue, Grimsby. The league currently comprises of 27 teams which is split into three divisions our current maximum limit is 48 teams. We have two start times 7.00pm, and 8.15 pm and each game is played over 4 quarters, 15 minutes each way. There is no pattern in what day of the week you play one week it can be a Monday then two Tuesdays all fixtures are arranged for you by the Fixtures Secretary.  Any new team entering the league will start in the lowest division.

The Winter league which commences in September each year sees each team play each other twice this is then followed by the Handicap Tournament.


The Summer league usually starts around April and each team plays each other once. The Jo Laird Memorial Tournament is held in June/July each year and we have recently introduced the Kristal Memorial Mixed Netball Tournament which will be held annually.

The league is run by an excellent Committee of volunteers and play by the All England Rules and by the Rules and Regulations and Constitution of the League. All teams within the league must affiliate their players to All England on the 1st September each year and the cost of this is £43.50 per person (2022/23) this includes public liability insurance and each player receives a copy of the Netball Magazine this affiliation also generates a county fee to Lincolnshire who are our regional body and provide various umpiring and coaching courses.

Each team has to pay court fees of £15.00 each week and a Summer League fee of approximately £50.00 is collected from each team in March this is to cover the administration of the league.

Teams participating in the league must provide an umpire each week if you do not have a qualified umpire you will have to arrange for this to be covered. England Netball does provide umpiring courses, at present these are online. so to book a course, go to England Netball Website, search for a course, and enter Into Officiating.

The league has four meetings a year which have to be attended by a member of each team.


Every year a local charity is adopted and various fundraising events held.

A Presentation Evening is held at the end of the Summer Season each year which is thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Netball Now

Netball Now is open to all Genders age 16+

It is held on a Wednesday Evening 7-8:30 pm at Oasis Wintringham School, Weelsby Avenue, Grimsby, DN32 0AZ.  These sessions are aimed to just come along and enjoy a game of Netball (Rock up and Play).

There is no need to book, you can just turn up, or you can book your place via England Netball Session or follow on our Facebook page Facebook


Finder: England Netball | Play Netball


For further information please send an email to

Junior Netball


Wow, what a success Grimsby Junior Netball has been, however due to this amazing success we have reached capacity and are unfortunately having to put a cap on any new members joining our training sessions on a Thursday night.

We really hate turning people away but we want to be able to develop and nurture our current members to a good standard to enable them, should they wish, to eventually join the Grimsby Senior Netball League. We hope you understand.

We will assess our position and capacity every 3 months and put a post out on Facebook if space(s) become available, if interested, please keep your eye out for these posts.

Thanks Kate, Janine, Ann-Marie, Jo and Shelley. ☺️

Junior Netball Training is open to secondary school years 7 to 11.


This is held on a Thursday evening, indoors at Oasis Wintringham School, Weelsby Avenue, Grimsby, DN32 0AZ.

Due to the volume of players we have created 2 sessions:-

Under 14 - 17:30 – 18:15

14 and over - 18:15 - 19:00

School years:- 7 – 11, girls only

At a cost of £3 per child.

There is no need to book, just turn up, all abilities welcome, HOWEVER you MUST complete a form otherwise your daughter(s) cannot train with us. This is important with regards to safety and safeguarding. It is a new form so needs to be completed for all attendees whether they have attended previously or not,


Link to form -

We now have the option ordering tops, with Girl's initials on. NO OBLIGATION to purchase at all, please click on link below:


We would encourage you to register your child with England Netball. This is purely voluntary but we would suggest you read the benefits of your child being a member. (One main factor is it provides you with Insurance should there be any injuries). It is a yearly registration (which we all have as part of the Grimsby and District Senior Netball League). Please follow the link below to find out more information. (The fee is payable to England Netball to support The Roses and participation Nationally).


For further information please send an email to or follow our Facebook Page here Facebook

We are looking for new teams and players to enter our league from September.  If you are interested and want to know further information please contact us.

We have a range of netball activities to be involved with what every your skill level whether that is playing, managing a team, umpiring, training or you haven't been on a court for a while.

The video has everything you need to understand the game of netball. It must be pointed out that Netball is a none contact sport although you wouldn't necessarily think that after watching a few videos of the game.


A guide to the rules of Netball.

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