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Vice - Chair

Tracy Barford

Tracy supports the league, and should Chair not be available, Tracy takes over.


Jackie Hewitt

Jackie ensures the smooth running of our league. Any complaints have to be put in writing and sent to her


Jo Bradbury

Jo collects the court fees from delegated team collectors, ensures all book keeping and banking is kept up to date.


Vicky Smith

The Secretary's role includes all the league administration, helping teams with enquiries/and tries to help new members find teams.

Fixtures Secretary

Kirsty Charlton

The Fixtures Secretary compiles the Fixtures, League Tables and Results and organises Tournaments.

All match results and/or cancelations must be sent to Louise.

Affiliations Secretary

Tracey Glover

The Affilitions Secretary's role includes enquiries/help with England Netball Website registration. She also registers players within our league, and tries to help new members find teams.

The Press & Publicity Secretary's role includes writing and publishing match reports, writing the quarterly newsletter and administers the GDSNL Website.  

Covid-19 Officer

Tammy Johnson

Tammy is our Leagues Covid-19 Officer. If you have any questions please contact her.

Fundraising Officer

Tracy Barford

The Fundraising Officer arranges fundraising for our yearly nominated Charity

For fundraising ideas please contact :

Safeguarding & Coaching Officer

Julie Klug

Due to having minors involved in our league, Julie Klug position is based around the care of our youngsters

Umpiring Secretary

Ann-Marie Tuplin

This role includes training new umpires, helping umpires to progress up the award rating.

The Umpiring Secretary deals with any queries regarding courses and/or rules.

Divisional Representative

Lydia White (Bridge McFarland Jets)

Lydia is the League's Divisional Rep.

If you have any questions, please contact her


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